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Increased Engagement

Our technology contextualizes our content discovery platform and the ads that are served with the content that the reader is consuming which creates an enriched experience and greater engagement.

100% Viewability

By merging our content discovery engine with premium ad units in the article we guarantee that your ads are in the viewable area of your target audience while creating an unmatched experience.

Full Integration

Clickly easily integrates with the platforms you already work with to better fit your ad serving processes.

Improved Targetting

Clickly allows you to target your customers by the content they consume or even by their habits. Our technology creates clusters of users that can be targeted cross platform and within premium content in top media channels.

Innovative Ad Units

We are constantly developing unique ad units that focus both on the readers experience and on our advertisers needs. With this vision we guarantee results while focusing on disruption.

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Clickly provides a unique content discovery experience and an effective premium ad solution that is changing online content monetization.