Project co-financed through the PT2020 program

Project Designation | INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS - Internationalization

Project Code | CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-018501

Main Objective | Bolster SME competitiveness

Region of Intervention | Centro

Beneficiary Entity | MYCLICKBOX, S.A.

Approval Date | 03-11-2016

Start Date | 31-03-2016

Conclusion Date | 30-03-2018

Total Elegible Cost | 1.021.250,31 EUR

European Union Financial Support | FEDER - 459.562,64 EUR

Objectives | Expand to new markets. Obtain international recognition and notoriety.

Activities | Take part in international events and fairs. Hire specialized professionals. Hire external consultancy services. Increase web presence and international marketing.

Execution Level | Ongoing

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