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With Clickly you can generate revenue with every article you create, by either generating new pageviews with our recommendation engine or through the monetization of our innovative ad units.

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Improve your readers experience by providing them with fresh content that fits their preferences and is contextual to their reading habits. They can now find popular content that they have never read before.

Unique and Easy to install Premium Inventory

Clickly developed innovative and premium ad units that can be applied to your content and we give you full control over it. To install Clickly on your domain you only need to integrate our simple code snippet.

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Our technology allows you to generate more page visits on your domain or cross-domain. If you want more traffic from other sources we can achieve that through our marketplace.

Total Control

Clickly gives you absolute control over the new inventory. Sell it yourself or fill it automatically, you decide on everything that comes into Clickly's premium inventory on your domain.

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Clickly provides a unique content discovery experience and an effective premium ad solution that is changing online content monetization.